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Taxation: Retirement Income and Uncle Sam
Best Interest Annuities: Update 2022

Craig Adamson


When your mom tells you growing up, “don’t be a teacher, there’s no money in it.” What do you do? Instead of being a 40 year public school teacher like your father… you go into finance. Now that he’s been an advisor for over 25 years, it appears that his mom got her way… for the most part since he looks forward to helping you increase your knowledge.

Craig Adamson is a financial advisor whose passion is helping his clients experience their own version of True Wealth. Craig provides active stewardship by creating customized financial plans that match his clients’ values with their money. As a finance geek, he enjoys the challenge of helping clients legally minimize and sometimes eliminate their taxes by using the IRS rules to their advantage. He has seen first-hand how the average American can ruin a secure retirement by not knowing or following basic rules in retirement when the transition from saving to spending money. Craig’s mission is to help as many people as possible understand it’s not how much you make, but how much you keep. You can’t enjoy what you don’t have.